Benedict Yee
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I am a Canon thoroughbred ever since my first camera during my late teens, although I also owned a Mamiya RB67 along the way.

My interest in Photography was further developed during my studies in England where together with my housemate from Japan, a Nikon user, we visited many exhibitions and stood beside magazine racks flipping through photographic magazines for inspirational ideas and information. We attended courses conducted by experienced photographers and were on the verge of giving up because our knowledge was basic as compared to the lecturers but we persevered and continued to improve further. Those were the days of Kodachrome and Ektachrome and gels and filters and the unpredictable English four seasons.

Over the years, I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, USA and ASIA, taking in the beauty and capturing the scenes before me with film based cameras and since 2002 with a basic Canon digital camera and then with Digital SLRs.

Now, with digital photography being mainstream, I am back with a vengeance and visualize the image beyond framing, setting the right exposure and just pressing the shutter for that once in a lifetime, masterpiece. I want to immortalize the scene, knowing that perhaps on the next visit, it may be obstructed by a highrise concrete building, all in the name of economic development.

I love my Canon equipment, the EPSON A2 printer and post processing tools without which, I would not have rediscovered my passion for Photography. I value my fellow partners tips and encouragement that charges me up for my next shoot. The new chapter has just begun.

Special thanks to my beloved wife for giving me the space to expand my passion and my habit of leaving the hotel room at an unearthly hour during our travels, hoping to catch that elusive spectacular sunrise. And to my two children for leaving me in peace at my studio where I spent hours on the computer and printer trying to produce my Mona Lisa that will bring me instant fame and some fortune.

Happy Viewing !

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