Alan Samuel
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Twenty five years ago I started my photographic passion. Starting off with a cheap Nikon SLR and learning about darkroom printing. Soon the passion grew and I ventured onto Fashion Photography where I would go to most of the fashion shows only to capture the cat-walk models with a friend of mine who was, at that time, a professional photographer for the Woman's magazine. As time went by, I upgraded to better 35 mm SLRs and then onto Medium Format cameras such as Mamiya RB67, Bronica and Pentax.

Coming from the United Kingdom, I soon became a member of The Royal Photographic Society in England and became a full time professional photographer taking mainly wildlife, weddings, fashion and landscape pictures only to be sold to advertising agencies throughout England.

A photograph is a powerful tool whereby it captures the moment that will never reoccur in your lifetime. A treasured moment where one is able to look back and reflect on that particular moment. It is also a tool to convey messages to others. The best photography one can achieve is from the heart.

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