Expression through photographs is an art and requires a lot of patience. There is no better way to express ourselves than through the images that we take.

There are six of us, who come from different background, profession, origin, race and of different age group but we share a common interest; we are passionate about our photography.

We wish to share our years of discovery from exciting journeys capturing images through our lenses. We hope our expression, through these personally selected images that we make, will give a special meaning to you, reminding all of us that this is a beautiful world that we live in. We hope that these images will inspire you to feel the passion that we have towards our photography.

We welcome comments from viewers via our individual emails provided herein, whether it is to purchase the images or for comments that will encourage us to take our passion onto another level.

Our Gallery will be regularly updated, so do add this web site to your favorites for a return visit soon.

Happy viewing from all of us!